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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Announcement – 25/03/2020

Here at Speedo Angels, we are following all guidance and legal requirements given to us by the UK Government. We are currently continuing to trade as we are an online-only business that does not allow visits from members of the public. We can also strictly adhere to social distancing requirements because there is now only 1 member of staff in the office. Please note that during this time, responses to emails and dispatch times might be slightly extended but we will endeavour to continue offering excellent customer service.

The only other interactions we encounter during the day are with delivery companies. We have strict policies in place that means we will never be within 2m of a delivery company member of staff and we are confident that these companies are also following very strict social distancing measures.

Now more than ever we need the support of our customers and we are confident that we are in a strong enough position to be able to see this crisis through to its end and we look forward to providing screen protector kits for motorcycle owners far into the future.

Stay safe and stay at home if you can, to help save lives.

Matthew Miller – Speedo Angels Director