BLOQ paint protection film FAQs

Why would I want to fit paint protection film?

Paint Protection Film is the most effective way to protect your motorcycle paintwork from the damage that can be caused by everyday riding.  BLOQ Paint Protection Film will protect your car paintwork from stone damage, minor scuffs, and abrasions as well as environmental damage.

What will I receive in my BLOQ paint protection film kit?

Each BLOQ kit includes –

A precision-cut paint protection film sheet
Fitting accessories
Fitting instruction sheet
FREE worldwide tracked shipping
A choice of Clear or Matte

What parts of my motorcycle will BLOQ paint protection film protect?

We sell two different paint protection film kits, both offering different levels of protection for your motorcycle.

1.      Full paint protection kits (each kit offers slightly different levels of protection. Please refer to the protection pieces as per the image used in the website description)
2.      Fuel tank paint protection kits

What material are BLOQ paint protection film kits made from?

All our kits are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This material is strong, very flexible, and easy to fit. Some companies use PVC for their kits which is a much lower quality material. Always ensure your kits are made from TPU for the best, long-lasting protection.

How easy is it to fit BLOQ paint protection film?

 There can sometimes be some challenges fitting PPF kits successfully. Please familiarise yourself with the fitting process before attempting to apply the kit. There are many tutorials available online that can be watched so that you can be confident with the fitting process. It’s also really important that your motorcycle is as clean as possible.

Why don’t you sell a BLOQ kit for my motorcycle?

Unfortunately, we don’t make the templates ourselves, so are reliant on our supplier creating templates for more models. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with new product releases.

Can BLOQ paint protection film be removed easily?

Our paint protection film can be easily removed. You can use a small amount of heat from a heat gun or hair drier to warm the glue and then it peels straight off.