What material are your screen protectors made from? Are they tempered glass?

We use two types of materials for our screen protectors, the material chosen depends on whether the dashboard has a curved or flat surface. For flat screens we use a material called PET (a type of plastic). PET is extremely strong and scratch resistant. It is thin and flexible and is an excellent material for a dashboard screen protector. PET protectors are available in both ultra-clear and anti-glare finishes. 

The other material we use is TPU (another type of plastic). TPU is perfect for dashboards that have a curved surface as it is flexible and retains its shape. We only currently supply TPU screen protectors in ultra-clear finish.

We are often asked if our screen protectors are ‘tempered glass’. The simple answer is no, they’re not. There are a few reasons why we don’t supply glass screen protectors…

  1. They are very expensive to produce in low numbers. A tempered glass mobile phone/tablet screen protector has been mass-produced, normally by tens of thousands. This helps to reduce production costs. We don’t produce anywhere near that number of screen protectors and therefore the cost of a glass screen protector for us would be extremely high and we simply couldn’t sell them for the price we currently supply our protectors for.
  2. Secondly, glass will only fix to a completely flat surface. Many motorcycle dashboards are not 100% flat and therefore a glass screen protector would not affix correctly.