Brexit Frequently Asked Questions...

I live in the EU, can I still purchase items from Speedo Angels?
Yes! We are still selling to and shipping our goods to customers who are based in the EU.

Do I have to pay additional import duty/VAT?
In most cases, no. We are a member of a scheme called the 'International One Stop Shop', or 'IOSS'. What this means is that If your purchase is valued between 0-150EUR, then you will not have to pay additional import duty and/or VAT. You are paying VAT on your purchase, which will be shown during your checkout process and on your invoice. However, we collect this VAT at the point of sale and then pay this to the relevant EU authorities each month. This means that customers have no additional import duties and VAT to pay when the item arrives in its destination country.

So what is different, and what was all the fuss about?
Many customers who live in the EU believe that purchasing from companies in the UK is now not possible, or that there will be extra costs involved. Sometimes this is true, but due to us joining the 'IOSS' scheme and if your purchases are below the 150EUR threshold then you will notice nothing different in your purchase from us. The only thing that will be different is that the envelope we ship your item in will have a customs declaration form on it - called a CN22. Other than that, there is no difference!

So to summarise...We ship hundreds of items to customers in Europe every month and Brexit has not changed this. Customers within the EU can continue to purchase from us as they always have and in the vast majority of cases there are no additional fees or VAT to pay.