This page is an overview of our dry and wet screen protector fitting methods.

If your screen protector kit includes fitting instructions as part of the package, please follow that method. Where there are both wet and dry fitting methods supplied in your kit, you can choose the method you prefer, but we would always recommend the wet fit method when you have the choice.

The wet and dry fitting instructions below should not be used with:

Tempered Glass
BLOQ film kits

For these items, always refer to the instructions supplied with your product.

For NANO GLASS kits, please use the dry method only.

All screen protectos should idealy be fitted at room temperature. Cold temperatures can cause the adhesive to harden and prevents it from sticking to your dashboard.

Wet Fit Method (Not suitable for NANO GLASS kits)


To fit your kit using the wet method you will need a spray bottle (or similar) filled with a water/dish soap solution. The solution helps with aligning the screen protector and allows you to move it around even after being applied to the dashboard.

Screen Protector wet fit instruction guide

Dry Fit Method (Suitable for NANO GLASS kits)