Why would I want to fit a screen protector?

Modern motorcycle dashboard screens tend to be made from plastic and are extremely easy to scratch by a quick wipe of your glove or a drop of your keys. It doesn’t take a lot to damage these screens. Speedo Angels dashboard screen protectors… ☑️ Provide excellent protection against scratches and marks ☑️ Help retain resale value ☑️ Help to hide any minor sratches already present ☑️ In extreme circumstances, they can prevent the dashboard unit from failing completely ☑️ Available in ultra-clear, for those who wish to ‘fit and forget’ ☑️ Also available in anti-glare which helps reduce reflections and glare, improving visibility Our kits are excellent value for money and we ship worldwide for FREE!

Do they reduce visibility?

Our ‘standard’ screen protectors come in two variants –

  • The ultra-clear protector – once applied will be hard to spot unless you are looking for it. They do not reduce visibility at all.
  • The anti-glare protector – these use an anti-glare coating which is slightly matte in finish. They do not have the same ultra-clear finish and remove the ‘glossy’ look that the plastic cover on LCD dashboards have. Some people prefer this to the ultra-clear protector as they feel it helps increase the clarity of the screens. Anti-glare screen protectors work best on the colour LCD screens, such as those found on the Ducati 1199/1299 Panigale.

Whether you would prefer the matte finish or ultra clear is up to you, but we offer both so you can choose. If you’re unsure of which finish you would prefer, we recommend purchasing one of our kits that contains both the ultra-clear and anti-glare protectors.

Are they easy to fit?

Yes, our screen protectors are easy to fit, however preparation is key. Ensure you follow the supplied instructions carefully and make sure you clean your dashboard thoroughly before applying the screen protector. You may end up with one or two tiny bubbles but once you fire up your bike you won’t notice these. Just make sure you remove as much dust and dirt from your screen first and then applying the protector should be a piece of cake!

Please see our instructional video below which shows the fitting process. You can also see instructions for the ‘wet fit’ process on our YouTube channel here.

Who are Speedo Angels?

Speedo Angels are a UK-based independent business and have been running since the summer of 2015.

We aim to offer motorcycle owners with LCD/TFT dashboards a way of protecting them from scratches, as well as reducing reflections and glare often associated with these electronic dashboards. Speedo Angels cover multiple makes and models of dashboards and we continue to provide protection for suitable motorcycle dashboards shortly after their release.

You can read more about the history of Speedo Angels here.


How long will it take to receive my order?

All our orders are normally packed and shipped the same working day as purchase if ordered before 3pm. They will always be shipped within 2 working days after full payment has been received.

  • Within the UK we send orders for free via standard 1st Class postage. Delivery time stated by Royal Mail is 1-2 working days. If you select the extra cost recorded delivery option, we will send the kit 1st Class and a signature will be required upon delivery. Delivery time for 1st Class recorded is also 1-2 working days
  • Outside of the UK we offer free international standard shipping. We ship using Royal Mail’s International Priority service who ship the item overseas and then pass it over to deliver with your normal mail. Please note that you will not receive a tracking number for this delivery method. If you require tracking and/or a signature, please select the ‘Tracked/Insured’ delivery option during checkout
  • European deliveries take up to 15 working days
  • Deliveries for the rest of the world take up to 25 working days


If you would like to get in touch about an order, please contact us.

What is an ‘extra fitting kit’?

Each screen protector kit comes with one fitting kit – these are the accessories you use to fit your screen protector.

A kit includes…

  • squeegee card
  • cleaning cloth
  • a sticky dust removal strip

The sticky dust removal strips are single-use and it is easy to lose or mislay the other parts of the fitting kit, so we give our customers the option of purchasing extra fitting kits. You can add as many ‘extra fitting kits’ to your screen protector order as you like.

What does 2 x Anti-Glare, 3 x Anti-Glare, 2 x Ultra-Clear etc mean?

This is simply the number of screen protectors that are included in your screen protector kit. We offer the option to choose the number of screen protectors available in the package to suit different people’s needs and requirements.

We offer the following kits:

Standard screen protectors:

Anti-Glare x 2: Kit contains 2 anti-glare screen protectors and a fitting kit.
Anti-Glare x 3:  Kit contains 3 anti-glare screen protectors and a fitting kit.
Ultra-Clear x 1: Kit contains 1 ultra-clear screen protector and a fitting kit
Ultra-Clear x 2: Kit contains 2 ultra-clear screen protectors and a fitting kit.
Ultra-Clear x 3:  Kit contains 3 ultra-clear screen protectors and a fitting kit.
Ultra-Clear x 1 & Anti-Glare x 1: Kit contains 1 ultra-clear and 1 anti glare screen protector and a fitting kit.
Ultra-Clear x 2 & Anti-Glare x 2:  Kit contains 2 ultra-clear and 2 anti glare screen protectors and a fitting kit.

Nano Glass:

Ultra-Clear x 1: Kit contains 1 ultra-clear Nano Glass screen protector and a fitting kit
Ultra-Clear x 2:  Kit contains 2 ultra-clear Nano Glass screen protectors and a fitting kit.

Tempered Glass:

Ultra-Clear x 1: Kit contains 1 ultra-clear tempered glass screen protector and a fitting kit.
Anti-Glare x 1: Kit contains 1 anti-glare tempered glass screen protector and a fitting kit.

What is the difference between Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare?

We offer both Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare protectors across most of our product range.

Ultra-Clear – Provides scratch resistance and protection whilst being almost invisible once applied. A ‘fit and forget’ product.

Anti-Glare – Provides the same scratch resistance and protection as our Ultra-Clear protectors, but also helps to remove the glare/reflections associated with LCD/TFT dashboards. Anti-glare protectors have a ‘matte’ appearance once fitted.

Below is an image that shows a Yamaha R1 2015+ TFT dashboard fitted with and without an anti-glare protector to show you the difference. The lower dashboard has an anti-glare screen protector fitted and you can immediately see the reduction in glare/reflections. The photographs were taken within a few minutes of each other in bright, warm conditions.

Please note: On some dashboards, the Anti-Glare screen protectors can reduce the brightness/sharpness of the display. This is because the Anti-Glare protectors reduce the amount of light that is being transmitted through the dashboard.

Ultra clear vs anti glare

What is ‘Nano Glass’ and ‘Tempered Glass’ and how are they different from your other screen protectors?

At Speedo Angels, we offer 3 different grades of screen protector as follows:

1. Standard: Our ‘standard’ ultra clear and anti glare screen protectors are made from PET or TPU – depending on the application. PET and TPU are both types of plastic. PET is very scratch resistant and long-lasting, meaning these screen protectors offer excellent value for money.

2. Nano Glass: These screen protectors are made from a Plexiglass material. It is thicker and has a higher scratch resistance compare to our ‘standard’ screen protectors. Nano Glass is a great compromise in strength, protection and cost and is a more premium product compared to our standard kits and because of this they are also slightly more expensive.
Benefits of Nano Glass:
Shatter proof
Flexible – Can fit on dashboards that are not completely flat
Ultra-thin – Up to half the thickness of tempered glass
High transparency

3. Tempered Glass: These are made from toughened, fortified glass. Tempered glass has an Oleophobic coating, which improves smoothness and reduces fingerprints.
Benefits of Tempered Glass:
9H scratch-resistance
Available in ultra clear and anti-glare
Improves smoothness and reduces fingerprints
Oleophobic coating helps the glass to become more scratch resistant, as reduced friction will cause dangerous materials to slide off the surface, rather than damaging it
Offers the ultimate protection for your dashboard

Please note : Nano Glass and Tempered Glass do not have the same flexibility as our standard screen protectors, so you will notice fewer fitting options available in these materials.

How do I know your screen protectors will fit my bike?

We take great care to ensure that our screen protectors fit accurately and that we have listed the correct protector for your model. We never release a product for sale until we are certain that the fitment is as accurate as it can be.

Generally, Ducati retains the same dashboard shape for their entire model range, even if the dashboard displays themselves change. For example, the Panigale LCD dashboard fitted to the 899 and 959 is the same shape as the TFT dashboard fitted to the 1199 and 1299. The same goes for the Ducati Monster range, so the new 797 shares the same dashboard shape as the new colour TFT dashboard on the 1200R and therefore uses the same screen protector.

If you are unsure which screen protector you need for your bike, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I remove my screen protector?

You can remove our screen protectors by simply peeling them off. Using a little heat to warm the adhesive will help make the process easier. The screen protectors do not leave any residue behind once removed.

Terms and Conditions

Payment: We require 100% payment for the whole price of the goods that you order before your order can be accepted. Once accepted your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between you and Speedo Angels. Acceptance of this contract will occur upon clearance of your payment with us. We reserve the right to refund any payment and cancel the contract should an item be deemed unfit for sale or out of stock.

Returns: You have the rights (distance selling act) to return any goods delivered to you within 14 days of purchase, at your own cost and risk. We do advise to send all items as sent to you recorded signed for. Any further loss or damage to an item sent by you is solely your responsibility. Any sum debited to us from your chosen payment method will be re-credited back to the account debited. As soon as the returned goods in question are returned to us in the same condition as they were sent out.

Delivery: We will dispatch the ordered goods to you as soon as is it is possible to the address you provided at the time you make your order. We cannot be held responsible If an item is delayed through the postal service for whatever reason. All items purchased from Speedo Angels will be posted out using Royal Mail standard services unless additional services are purchased during the checkout process.

Liability: No Liability whatsoever can be taken for any damage or injury caused that has resulted from a component sold by us being fitted or supplied. If there is an issue with the fitment or a fault with an item simply return it to us for a full refund. We are more than happy to offer help and advice should you need it (see contact us page). Speedo Angels will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of our products found on this site, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages. Speedo Angels will not be held responsible for any part fitted by any third party or cost to the purchaser if in doubt please seek advise and costs from a qualified fitter before purchase.

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