What is the difference between Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare?

We offer both Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare protectors across most of our product range.

Ultra-Clear – Provides scratch resistance and protection whilst being almost invisible once applied. A ‘fit and forget’ product.

Anti-Glare – Provides the same scratch resistance and protection as our Ultra-Clear protectors, but also helps to remove the glare/reflections associated with LCD/TFT dashboards. Anti-glare protectors have a ‘matte’ appearance once fitted.

Below is an image that shows a Yamaha R1 2015+ TFT  dashboard fitted with and without an anti-glare protector to show you the difference. The lower dashboard has an anti-glare screen protector fitted and you can immediately see the reduction in glare/reflections. The photographs were taken within a few minutes of each other in bright, warm conditions. Please note that on some dashboards, the anti glare screen protectors can reduce the brightness/sharpness of the display. This is because the anti glare protectors reduce the amount of light that is being transmitted through the dashboard.

Ultra clear vs anti glare