Why can’t I buy just one screen protector?

All of our screen protector kits come with at least two screen protectors. The main reason the kits contain at least two protectors is that, although they are simple to fit, it is easy for something to happen during the … Read More

What is an ‘extra fitting kit’?

On all of our product pages you will see that you can add ‘extra fitting kits’ to your order. All of our kits come with a fitting kit – these are the accessories you use to fit your screen protector. … Read More

What is the difference between Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare?

We offer both Ultra-Clear and Anti-Glare protectors across our entire product range. Ultra-Clear – Provides scratch resistance and protection whilst being almost invisible once applied. A ‘fit and forget’ product. Anti-Glare – Provides the same scratch resistance and protection as … Read More

Do they reduce visibility?

Our standard screen protectors come in two variants. The ultra-clear protector – once applied will be hard to spot unless you are looking for it. They do not reduce visibility at all. The anti-glare protector – these use an anti-glare … Read More

Are they easy to fit?

Yes. However preparation is key. Ensure you follow the supplied instructions carefully and make sure you clean your dashboard thoroughly before applying the screen protector. You might end up with one or two tiny bubbles but once you fire up … Read More

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