The Bike Highlight – 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4

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2021 Ducati Multistrada V4

Ducati have officially unveiled the 2021 Multistrada V4, and alongside its new engine, the bike is loaded with cutting-edge electronics.
The bike is available in three different models – the base model, a higher spec S model, or a top of the range S sport model. For this week’s Bike Highlight we’ll focus on the standard 2021 Multistrada V4 model.

The bike has a brand new 1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine. This produces 168bhp at 10,500rpm and 92ft-lb of torque at 8750rpm. The 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4 also has some exciting new electronic additions…
It comes with all the traditional safety systems – control traction, wheelies, cornering ABS and several riding and power modes. However it’s the first motorcycle in the world to feature both a front and rear facing radar unit! The front unit features smart guided cruise control technology. The rear-facing radar unit warns the rider of fast approaching traffic and acts as a blind spot detector. There is also the new Ducati Connect system – this enables you to connect your phone to the bike allowing you to control different actions through the handlebar joystick.

The 2021 Multistrada V4 sports a colour, high resolution 5-inch TFT screen. The S and Sport variants use a larger 6.5-inch unit. It is the first dashboard equipped with optical bonding technology – this improves the visibility of the interface.

Ducati say – “Lightweight and compact, with the 170 HP of the new V4 Granturismo, the fourth generation Multistrada will give you a sporty and exhilarating ride on the turns. Ready for long journeys thanks to the navigator that can be viewed on the dashboard and the innovative riding assistance radar system, the new Multistrada V4 will offer you excellent riding comfort. The first important maintenance interval will be only after 60,000km.”

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