The Bike Highlight – Honda CRF300L

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For this week’s Bike Highlight we look at the 2021 Honda CRF300L. Suitable for road or trail, the new model replaces the old CRF250L and features increased capacity, revised internals, and chassis updates.

⭐4kg lighter

⭐Lightweight chassis

⭐Slimmer bodywork

⭐Larger capacity single-cylinder engine produces an extra 1.9kW power with 4Nm more torque (nearly a 20% increase!)

⭐Smaller, vertically stacked headlight design

⭐Revised riding position and altered seat height

⭐Features a new LCD instrument display (the same dash as the Honda CB125R/CB300R meaning we have a dashboard screen protection kit available now!)

If you own a Honda motorcycle, or are looking at purchasing a Honda CRF300L, you can view our extensive range of dashboard screen protection here!