The Bike Highlight – Honda Monkey 2022

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I don’t know about you but I never really saw the A-peel with Monkey bikes 🍌

However after seeing the new Honda Monkey, I can certainly understand it can be a fun, cheap and easy way to get around!

The 2022 bike has been updated with a 125cc engine and five-speed gearbox.

After the Grom being a big hit, the Monkey includes wider gear ratios for the five-speed gearbox. It has a new 37-tooth final drive sprocket, up from 34 teeth on the last one. Honda also promises more pull from the engine as well and a higher top speed. A new replaceable oil filter will help make maintenance easier. It’s drawing me in!

“While the Monkey has been a hit in the US since we reintroduced it for the 2019 model year. Customers have expressed a desire for more comfortable cruising and better acceleration.” said Brandon Wilson, sports and experiential manager at American Honda.“Now we’re happy to offer that capability by equipping the Monkey with the same five-speed engine that has earned rave reviews in the all-new 2022 Grom. It’s yet another example of Honda producing not only the most diverse lineup of miniMOTO models, but also the most capable.”

Unlike the earlier version of the Monkey, the front-end ABS-equipped option will be the only one available in 2022. The bike has more than enough pep to keep up with surface street traffic. The improvements promise to make the top-end cruising experience and pull down low even more enjoyable. I can imagine it’s pretty easy to park and store.

The remaining features of the bike are unchanged, apart from the available colorways which will include Pearl Black and Banana Yellow. As much I love black, the yellow does really stand out!