The Bike Highlight – Suzuki Katana 2022

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The new model has had revisions to its engine platform, electronic rider aids suite, and aesthetic details.

The high performance 999cc four-stroke DOHC liquid-cooled inline-four engine that powers the Katana inherits true winning superbike DNA. This street-tuned engine is based on core architecture. It benefits from know-how acquired over decades of developing the GSX-R to win countless production race victories. The bike also incorporates advanced technologies that are developed for MotoGP racing.



Japanese swordsmiths devote countless hours to repeatedly forge, hammer and fold the raw steel to achieve the right balance needed for the blade to perform optimally. Fueled by the same fire, Suzuki’s development team test and tune each component to create a compact and lightweight chassis. The bike is engineered to provide agility, ease of control and a fun-to-ride character. I know I wouldn’t decline a test ride on it! The sharp, cutting-edge style of the Suzuki KATANA. The Japanese KATANA is beautiful to gaze upon and unbelievably exciting to wield. The epitome of fine craftsmanship, the famed KATANA combines sophisticated Japanese aesthetics and pure beauty into this fine looking machine. The KATANA was developed to be a sporty styled street motorcycle and takes lean, mean slightly retro flair. It offes thoroughly modern styling and performance.

The 2022 model comes in two new colour options – a dark matt blue with gold forks and wheels, and a dark grey version with red wheels and red accents (including the dash with a new red ‘night mode’).