The Bike Highlight – Suzuki SV650 2022

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Suzuki riders struck motorcycling gold when the first SV650 debuted in 1999. Since then, this iconic motorcycle has seen continual improvements while still embodying the sporty personality. The 2022 SV650 ABS has a polished powerplant that provides surprising performance with low emissions and outstanding fuel economY. The bike mounted in a trim and lightweight chassis that delivers a sporty, exciting ride.



The SV650 ABS’s nimble chassis achieves exciting lean angles when cornering. A pair of four-piston, ABS-equipped** Tokico brake calipers up front deliver excellent stopping power. The black bodywork is contrasted with a blue trellis frame and matching blue cast-aluminum wheels. This stunning look and style, combined with sparkling performance, delivers sportbike value that a broad range of riders will embrace.

I had that chance to sit on one at Motorcycle Live at the NEC. Although my feet barley touched the ground (pretty normal for me). I can definitley see this being a really nimble bike that’s both fun and comfortable to ride.