The Bike Highlight – Yamaha MT-03

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There’s no denying these bike’s are not only fun to ride but are massively underrated. It comes with a twin‑cylinder engine, an aggressive look and serious street presence.

The ergonimic riding position means your upright, comfortable and you’ve got a great view span of the road. Along with being lightweight this bike is a blast hitting those corners. It’s naked, sporty look combined with it’s relaxed riding postion makes it the best of both worlds when it comes to motorbikes.

After taking it out with a group of 600cc riders, the MT-03 had no problem keeping up on the straights and had me waiting for them to catch up after the bends!

At 30.7 inches off the ground, the seat is relatively low to make it easier for you to reach the ground. I found this especially important as a new rider to help boost confidence and control at low speeds.