The Bike Highlight – Yamaha MT-09 2021

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The new Yamaha MT-09 2021 has been announced and we are thrilled for its launch. The MT-09 is one of the best selling middle-weight naked motorcycles in Europe and Yamaha have given it a huge update with an exciting new look, less weight, and a larger capacity engine.
The bike has the minimal look you would expect from a naked; a new CF aluminium frame, slim chassis, lightweight, SpinForged wheels and a compact, single projector LED headlight. The new 889cc, Euro5 CP3 engine is lighter and more powerful, offering more torque. The MT-09 is also the first of Yamaha’s Hyper Naked’s to be equipped with a high-tech 6-axis IMU.

Yamaha say, “Developed from the R1, the compact new 6-axis IMU governs the MT-09’s high tech rider aids, including a lean-sensitive 3-mode Traction Control System, Slide Control System, front wheel Lift Control System and Brake Control System. With this best-in-class electronic control technology, the all-new MT-09 gives you ultimate control in varying weather and surface conditions.”

Excitingly, the Yamaha MT-09 2021 has a new 3.5-inch colour TFT dash that we are super excited to design a screen protector kit for. The TFT display gives control over the three different riding modes, as well as displaying a colour changing tachometer, clock, fuel display, water and air temperature and a gearshift indicator.
We hope you’re as excited as we are for this to launch next year! If you’d like to read our previous Bike Highlight blogs, you can find them here.